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Where Are All the Black Engineers?

If you are like many recruiters out there trying to find your pink unicorns (underrepresented groups such as blacks) in engineering, it is of ever importance for you to figure out how to source diverse talent. Below is a list of the top 10 historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) you should focus your recruitment efforts on. While professional organizations are important (e.g., National Society of Black Engineers), partnering with fraternities and sororities on campus may also help you uncover some pink unicorns.

10. Claflin University (South Carolina)

9. Fisk University (Tennessee)

8. North Carolina A&T State University (North Carolina)

7. Florida A&M University (Florida)

6. Tuskegee University (Alabama)

5. Xavier University of Louisiana (Louisiana)

4. Morehouse College (Georgia)

3. Hampton University (Virginia)

2. Howard University (Washington D.C.)

1. Spelman College (Georgia)

For smaller organizations that are not based in the south, where the vast majority of HBCUs are located, if you are unable to provide relocation costs for the diverse talent you may find from these universities, try to focus your recruitment efforts on student organizations within more local institutions. Organizations to focus on include multicultural clubs, black student unions/caucuses, and similar campus groups.

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