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The Diversity Dinner Dialogues (DDD) are a series of informal workshops hosted by Janice Gassam.

The idea is that food is the great equalizer and can open people up so that difficult dialogue can take place. The DDD is an informal event with the goal of stimulating conversation around topics related to DEI. 

Each DDD will focus on a different topic including but not limited to: how to implement a diversity and inclusion program, demonstrating the ROI of D&I, overcoming unconscious bias, strategies for effective racial dialogue, how to be an ally in the workplace, and strategies for female advancement in the workplace. Attendees discuss specific diversity, equity, and inclusion issues they've experienced, while also brainstorming solutions to resolve these issues. It's more interactive than a formal training session. Janice will discuss the specific issue(s) in detail, citing research and her consulting experiences and attendees are encouraged to come with questions or experiences to share with others.
Specific diversity, equity and inclusion topics that are relevant to your workplace can also be crafted for a DDD workshop. The goal of the DDD is to spark meaningful dialogue around uncomfortable topics, in order to create positive changes, a sense of belonging and more inclusion. 

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