"why do my diverse employees keep leaving?"

Diversity is

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Black White Green (BWG) Business Solutions was founded in 2018 with the mission to make the world a better and more cohesive place.
BWG stands for "black, white, green" which is derived from the idea that diversity is not about black and white but green.

Focusing on diversity and inclusion will help your company to become more efficient, productive, and profitable. BWG specializes in helping individuals and businesses grow through inclusive strategies and techniques. 



Consulting Services

Founder Janice Z. Gassam Asare, Ph.D. is available to serve as an external DEI consultant to help your organization or institution create strategies for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion. The consulting collaboration services include:

  • Strategy sessions: Weekly meetings to discuss your DEI-related issues in order to adequately diagnose the specific DEI issues and create solutions to remedy these issues.

  • Guidance on assessing processes and practices (hiring, recruitment, selection, promotions, etc) from a DEI perspective

  • Individual leadership coaching sessions with a DEI-focus

  • Monthly DEI workshops.

    Workshop topics include:

  1. Allyship & Advocacy: How to Support Employees of Marginalized Backgrounds

  2. Creating an Anti-Racist Organization that is Inclusive for All

  3. Why Your Unconscious Bias Trainings Keep Failing: Addressing Systemic and Structural Issues 

  4. Recognizing and Reducing Micro-aggressive Behaviors

  5. How to Facilitate Racial Dialogue in the Workplace

  6. Metrics for Assessing Equity and Inclusion

  7. Dismantling and Disrupting Your Anti-Blackness

  8. How to Support Black Employees In Your Workplace

The Pink Elephant: Consume Digest Dialogue (CDD)

This is a facilitated workshop discussion, led by Janice Z. Gassam Asare, Ph.D., where employees are invited to consume one piece of historical content (movie, video, TV show, podcast, article, social media post, etc.), digest what they have seen or heard and then discuss their interpretations, understanding and what they have learned with fellow employees.


The purpose of this activity is to use historical content to help participants understand and become more aware of the unique experiences of different racial groups. This activity is designed to build empathy, awareness, and understanding so that employees are able to be effective allies and advocates for various groups.


“If Black women were free, it would mean that everyone else would have to be free since our freedom would necessitate the destruction of all systems of oppression.” 

― Combahee River Collective