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Workplaces are struggling to find and retain talent.

You don't want to be left wondering "why do my underrepresented employees keep leaving?"

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Black White Green (BWG) Business Solutions was founded in 2018 by Dr. Janice Gassam Asare with the initial purpose of helping organizations and institutions attract, develop, and retain employees from racialized backgrounds. 
BWG stands for "black, white, green" which was derived from the idea that diversity is not about black or white but green.

By focusing on the most marginalized, all employees will be benefit. We are past the point where businesses need to understand the "business case" for diversity. 

Any company that fails to prioritize the needs of its employees, especially those from marginalized communities, will not be sustainable.

The mission and purpose of BWG is to help equip organizations and institutions with the tools to remove systemic barriers that perpetuate inequities. 

About Me




Introductory Guidance (6-12 months)

This consulting is ideal for organizations and institutions that are just beginning their equity journey. This consulting guidance includes:

  • Qualitative analysis

  • Equity report providing detailed systemic issues

  • Detailed DEI intervention guide

  • Follow-up qualitative analysis

  • (1) DEI Workshop



Intricate Guidance (12 months +)

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis

  • Equity report providing detailed systemic issues

  • Assistance with implementing suggested interventions

  • Guidance and recommendations for DEI council/ERG or affinity group

  • (2) DEI Workshops


Project-based Guidance (3-6 months)

I partner with organizations and institutions to provide short-term guidance around specific equity projects and issues that require immediate attention.


Equity Audit

I conduct equity audits to diagnose your specific equity issues and provide tailored interventions via a report to address those issues.



I provide DEI education through workshops and trainings. Some of the more popular workshops and training sessions include:

  • Decentering Whiteness in your Workplace (new!): This workshop unpacks the topics written about in my book Decentering Whiteness in the Workplace. This workshop focuses on strategies to address white-centering in your workplace and provides attendees with the tools to decenter whiteness in the workplace

    • Recommended for: All employees

  • Why Your Unconscious Bias Trainings Fail: Addressing Systemic Inequities in your Workplace: This workshop focuses on why unconscious bias trainings are unsuccessful and offers guidance to address the systemic issues that are pervasive within your workplace

    • Recommended for: Mid and senior-level managers and human resource professionals

  • Understanding and Addressing Hair Discrimination at Work: This workshop expands on the Harvard Business Review article I wrote on this topic. We will explore how hair bias, discrimination and texturism show up in the workplace and attendees will be provided with the tools to address and mitigate hair bias at work.

    • Recommended for: All employees

  • Dismantling and Disrupting Anti-Blackness in your Workplace: This workshop focuses on identifying anti-blackness and the ways that it shows up in the workplace. Attendees will be equipped with strategies to address anti-blackness within themselves and in the workplace.

    • Recommended for: All employees

  • Creating an Anti-racist Workplace for All: This workshop focuses on anti-racism as a foundational principle for all workplace equity efforts. Attendees will be given the tools to understand barriers to racial equity efforts and will receive guidance on creating an anti-racist workplace.

    • Recommended for: All employees but ideal for mid and senior-level managers



As a 2x TEDx speaker, I am often asked to develop keynote speeches and “Awareness talks” for clients around topics related to equity and inclusion. Some of the most requested topics include:

  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence in Your Workplace

  • Why Empathy will not Elimiate Racism (new!)

  • Understanding and Addressing the White Gaze at Work

  • Creating Safer Spaces for Black Women at Work

  • Strategies to Support Black Employees (popular)

  • Addressing the Pink Elephant in your Workplace






Webinars can be developed and licensed out to clients to help train and educate employees on a wide range of topics related to equity and inclusion, based on the specific needs of the client.


Pre-recorded trainings


Pre-recorded trainings are available for purchase. Currently, the available pre-recorded trainings include:


  • Why Your Unconscious Bias Trainings Fail: Addressing Systemic Issues in your Workplace (highly requested)

  • Understanding and Addressing Hair Discrimination at Work

  • Creating an Anti-racist Workplace for All


As a Udemy Business and LinkedIn Learning course instructor, I provide clients with course design based on the specific DEI need.


Some samples of my previous courses:

  • LinkedIn Learning Course: Awareness to Action: Level Up as a Change Agent in Your Organization Sample

  • Udemy Business course: Recruiting and Retaining Underrepresented Talent Sample


Additional Services I provide upon request:

  • Podcast guesting

  • Blog or article creation

  • Listening sessions

  • Panel hosting


“If Black women were free, it would mean that everyone else would have to be free since our freedom would necessitate the destruction of all systems of oppression.” 

― Combahee River Collective

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